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Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)

Date: 2017-03-06


PVC Birds Driving Device / Helical Bird Flight Diverter   



Place of OriginJiangsu, ChinaBrand NameOCEAN-RUNPOWER
Model NumberSFDYAppliationFor overhead line
CertificationISO9001:2015ColorSignal orange/traffic yellow


Easily by handsOthersBest price & high quality


Product Description:                                                                                 


Unluckily, in actual life the power accidents often occur causing a great loss to transmission and distribution line. Meanwhile, many species of bird are declining heavily or are even endangered. And the one of the main reasons for these are that birds get fatal electric shocks generating from overhead power line and collisions with these line.

OCEAN-RUNPOWER has its own unique special design for helical bird flight diverter. Helical bird flight diverter is professionally designed for overhead line to create visibility for avian flight paths when they are flying across overhead lines, to enable large birds to detect overhead line from a great distance and take early action to avoid it. Offering little wind resistance, helical bird flight diverter will reduce hazards to both lines and birds. For low and medium voltage construction, the bird flight diverter is applied to phase conductors. For high voltage, they are used on shield wire. OCEAN RUN-POWER developed two kinds of helical bird flight diverter. One is special for large bird, such as swan, we call it Swan Flight Diverter. Another is for bird, we call it Bird Flight Diverter.

Colored Helical Bird Flight Diverter are made of weatherproof materials and fitted on the line to make conductor visible. OCEAN-RUNPOWER has two standard colors for helical bird flight diverter - signal orange and traffic yellow. The Helical Bird Flight Diverter is in light weight at 0.30 kg - 1.20 kg, they are manufactured from rigid high-impact polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They can generate little wind resistance and are easily and quickly applied by hand. The Helical Bird Flight Diverter possesses excellent chemical resistance, strength properties and good physical characteristics within a range of extreme temperatures.(-40 ℃ - +70 ℃ ), and the highest temperature flow up to 93℃. For optimal results, spacing distances are recommended 5 m - 12 m intervals, depending upon local conditions.


Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)



Product Denomination                                                                             

OCEAN-RUNPOWER has created a denomination that the number and diameter of conductor which will allow us to recognize all products. Thisdenomination for the Helical Bird Flight Diverter is as following: with initial letter of the product name ' HBFDY'. For example, HBFDY 152-195 is Diverter suiting forconductor with diameter range 15.20 mm - 19.5 mm, and the color is yellow.

Product Specification:                                                                               

(1) Swan Flight Diverter:

Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)

  * For voltage over 230KV, adding 'H' after the Art. No.

 * Color Code: assisting in identification of strand size.

  * Identification Tape: Showing catalog number, norminal sizes.

  * Spacing distances are recommended from 5.0 m to 12.0 m.

(2) Bird Flight Diverter:
Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)

 * For voltage over 230KV, adding 'H' after the Art. No.
 * Color Code: assisting in identification of strand size.
 * Identification Tape: Showing catalog number, norminal sizes.
 * Spacing distances are recommended from 4.5 m to 8.5 m.

Quality Control:                                                                                          


Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)



 Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)  



Competitive Advantages:                                                                        

• Professional designer & manufacturer, providing OEM/ODM service;

• Quality certification : ISO9001:2008, ROHS; 

• Professional and excellent team, One request, multiples services;

• Excellent products quality, competitive prices, fast delivery.


Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)





Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)


PACKING & SHIPPING:                                                                             



Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)


• Packing: Generally packed in standard wooden case and pallets if needed, or as customized; 

• Shipping: Around two weeks after payment as stipulated in contract.


Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)



OUR WORKSHOP:                                                                                        

Helical Bird Flight Diverter (PVC)





1. Q: Are you a manufacturer and where are your factory?
 A: Yes, OCEAN-RUNPOWER is a professional manufacturer who is specialized in design, R&D, manufacturing and selling of preformed rods, plastic tie, dirds flight diverter and relative fittings. OCEAN-RUNPOWER is located in Nanjing city, with convenient transportation access.

2. Q: Do you provide OED/ODM service?
 A: Yes, we provide service for OEM/ODM and we are always at your service.

3. Q: How long to make a sample? Is it free?
 A: It depends on our stocks and normally our sample is free.

4. Q: How to contact us?

 A: Send your inquiry details in the below, and you can learn more from our website





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2017 - 03 - 06
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