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Lite Tension Coated Dead-end

Date: 2017-06-14


Lite Tension Coated Dead-end Grip


NameDed end Guy GripMaterialFor optionHS Code73.12.10.0000


PORDUCT DESCRIPTION:                                                                                                                                    


FOR ADSS: In general, Lite Tension Dead-end be used with these conditions and limitations:

Light Tensions:
- Minimum installation 2700 N
- Maximum loaded 3500 N

Short Spans:
- 100 meters maximum spans
- Not recommended for critical crossing spans (highways, rivers, etc.)
 No excessive operating conditions, temperature working range 0℃-60℃

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end    


The Dead-end should have a loop shape with two arms that are superimposed on the conductor.The loop diameter of the Dead-end will fit over a minimum diameter of 35mm and a maximum diameter of 60mm. The Dead-end is designed to accept common guy wire dead-end pole fittings like thimble eyes and guy hooks.   

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end



(1) The preformed wire shall be made of aluminum alloy wires corrosion resistant.

(2) In the preformed wire should be indicated with indelible marks the crossover point of the contact surface with the conductor.

(3) The preformed wire should consist of wires helically assembled.

(4) The preformed wire must be covered with neoprene(BLACK or GREY) adhesive or similar material to ensure the union of the wire strands forming the preformed wire. Furthermore, this material shall cover all the threads that make up the wire from the crossover mark to the ends (no loop area included) of the preformed wire.

(5) The layer of neoprene inside the harness should have a smooth finish, with no bumps or uneven surfaces.

(6) The preformed wire must exert a uniform compressive force over the contact surface with the covered conductor, so as to distribute the force exerted to hold the conductor without causing excessive stresses that can cause damage to some structural component the conductor.

 Lite Tension Coated Dead-endLite Tension Coated Dead-end



1. Aluminum alloy wires

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end

 2.Aluminum alloy wires+Aluminum clad wire

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end

Lite Tension Coated Dead-endLite Tension Coated Dead-end 



QUALITY CONTROL:                                                                                                                                                                                    

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES:                                                                                                                                                                    

• Professional designer & manufacturer, providing OEM/ODM service;

• Quality certification : ISO9001:2008, ROHS; 

• Professional and excellent team, One request, multiples services;

• Excellent products quality, competitive prices, fast delivery


Lite Tension Coated Dead-end



Lite Tension Coated Dead-end



PACKING & SHIPPING:                                                                                                                                                                                   


• Packing: Generally packed in standard wooden case and pallets if needed, or as customized;

• Shipping: Around two weeks after payment as stipulated in contract. 

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end




OUR WORKSHOP:                                                                                                                                                                          

Lite Tension Coated Dead-end



1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or trade company? Where are your factory?
  A: Yes, OCEAN-RUNPOWER is a professional manufacturer who is specialized in design, R&D, manufacturing and selling the products of overhead line fittings, such as preformed dead-end, preformed armor rods, plastic tie, birds flight diverter, etc... OCEAN-RUNPOWER is located in Sanshan Industrial Park, Yuhuatai District, Nanjing with a very convenient transportation access.

2. Q: Do you provide OED/ODM service?
  A: Yes, we provide service for OEM/ODM and are able to develop & manufacture products customized, because we are always at your service all time.

3. Q: How long to make a sample? Is it free?
  A:It depends on our stocks, and it commonly will take 2 weeks for the ones out of stock. Normally our sample is free if they are available in stock, and will be charged accordingly for the ones which needs to be built.

4. Q: How to contact us?

  A: Send your inquiry details directly, and you can learn more from our website


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