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Preformed Galvanized Steel Dead end Brace Grip

Date: 2017-03-07

Preformed Galvanized Steel Dead-end Brace Grip for Steel Strand Rod System or Metal Building Brace Grip

Product Details

The Dead-end Grip is generally used to fix the cables, conductors, strands, structures, insulators, etc. into a pole or tower. The area of the loop always must be protected by a suitable thimble, pulley, insulator etc.

 Key Features:     

• Well corrosion resistance;                    • Easily installation;                      • Warranty & Long life;
• Minimum loss;                                        • Anti-loose;                                    • Special design from our experienced experts;

Product Introduction


OCEAN-RUNPOWER has created a denomination which will help us to recognize the related accessories. The denomination for the Dead-end Grip is shown stated as followings: the first three letters means the name of product DGG (Dead-end Guy Grip), and the following two letters means the raw material which they are made from, such as AL (Aluminum alloy), AC (Galvanized steel), AW (Aluminum Clad Steel-ACS), CW (Copper Clad Steel-CCS), AA (Aluminized steel), SS (Stainless Steel), then the last two series of three numbers shows the diameter range of the specified conductor.
For example: DGGAC 093-099 is an Galvanized steel Dead-end Guy Grip for a cable with a diameter range from 9,31 to 9,99 mm.

*The rods of fittings are refaced at the ends to avoid damages in the application and to the specified cable. The inside of the dead end is gritted with a non-slip material.

Product Parameters

The specs of Dead end Brace Grip outside of the following are available , please contact us for more details. 

* Tolerance of Length: -10 mm / +20 mm.

* Raw Material: Galvanized Steel.

* Application: Generally be used for Steel Strand, Metal Buildings.

Please feel free to contact us for technical datasheet and detailed

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