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Sales Campaign is Hot-Going On

Date: 2017-03-24
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Sales Campaign is Hot-Going On 

 Sales Campaign is Hot-Going On  NANJING OCEAN-RUNPOWER ELECTRIC CO., LTD. - Sales Campaign 

In order to express deep appreciation to our new and old customers, we are holding bargain sales aperiodically, so please focus on our any news. In this period of our campaign, Every client will enjoy preferential treatment shown as following:


(1) Preformed Dead-end Grip

The first round is going on and the quantity is limited, so please click and source in needed at once. You can learn more about the product deatils from link: http://www.oceanrunpower.com/prod_view.aspx?TypeId=76&Id=248&FId=t3:76:3

The 1st round  - Deadline: Aug 31st, Limited quantity: 40,000 sets.

Sales Campaign is Hot-Going On


The 2nd round  - Deadline: ?, Limited quantity: ? sets.

Sales Campaign is Hot-Going On



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