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Notice of China National Day2022We thank you very much for your continuously support. Kindly note that our office will be closed from 1st.Oct. to 7th. Oct. inclu. 2022 for China National Day. For Emergency,please no hesitate to contact us by email.
2022 - 09 - 27
Notice of Chinese New Year Holidays We thank you very much for your continuously support. Kindly note that our office will be closed from 29 Feb. to 6th Feb. inclu. for our Chinese New Year Holiday. We hope you all have a prosperous new year 2022 as well as your family.
2022 - 01 - 28
1 With excellent resistance fatigue propertiesThe conductor and ground wire are one of the most concentrated parts of bearing load in the overhead distribution and transmission power. They are easily damaged in the case of fatigue. Almost all the damage of conductor and ground wire occurred on the contact surface between the conductor, ground wire and fittings. Typical position is between the conductor, ground wire and the suspension clamps, dead end clamp, splice. Because the dynamic and static bending stress are the highest in these places.Preformed helical fittings are opposi...
2018 - 01 - 11
On Nov. 16th, the activity of "Prosperous Nanjing, Orange Flighting by Hundreds of enterprises" which was organized by Alibaba Nanjing has been kicked off. There are totally 91 enterprises signed up for this activity within 4 hours and 88 of them presented in the site at 9:00 that day. Eventually there are 300 "fighters" gathered in Nanjing to go endgame 2017. All the "fighters" are composed of four groups to aim one same goal in the following December - only for winning the first. OCEAN-RUNPOWER as one member of the forth group, also is fighting for our goal, for...
2017 - 11 - 16
People's Daily Comments "Without profits there is no quality for low price tender"   产品既是企业的立身之本,也是经济活动的基础,只有一件件产品都有质量、一家家企业都以质量为目标,经济发展才更有质量。     “在招投标中,低价就能中标,造成大家不比质量,只比价格低。”在不久前开展的全国人大常委会产品质量法执法检查中,一些企业主抱怨,目前,一些地方在招投标中存在的“低价中标”现象,已经成为企业提升产品质量的突出障碍,亟待治理和规范。     一般情况下,按照市场规律,招投标中的投标价或中标价不得低于成本价。然而在现实中,部分招标单位在招标环节忽视质量要求,唯价格论,造成中标价低于甚至远低于成本价。这些以低于成本价中标的企业,为获取利润,只能在原材料采购、生产制造等方面压缩成本,以牺牲产品质量来弥补亏损,从而出现“劣币驱逐良币”现象。在执法检查中,一家曾经获得过“政府质量奖”的线缆企业直言:生产企业没有利润空间,被逼得偷工减料,突破底线。事实上,因低价中标导致产品质量不过关,甚至酿成安全事故的案例,并不鲜见。     “低...
2017 - 07 - 27
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